About Us

CNMAGCanadian Newcomer Magazine Began as a free glossy, magazine offering how-to information for new immigrants in March 2004. Eight years later, we're still going strong - only now we're doing it exclusively online through this website and our sister site Settlement Roadmap . The mission of the magazine is now to connect the diverse ethnic communities in Canada using one voice and language by providing free information, advice, entertainment and encouragement to new immigrants. To that end, the magazine is written in English, but the vocabulary and grammar are kept as plain and simple as possible - complex ideas written in entry level English. Subjects covered include employment, housing, Canadian lifestyles, health, finances, ethnic media and education. The publication is an excellent teaching tool - offering features like the Answers.com dictionary that allow's you to get the definition or pronunciation of any word by simply double-clicking on the word.
Canadian Newcomer releases 6 digital theme issues per year and regular stories and features almost daily.