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If you are looking to gain employment in the Canadian life sciences sector, the Certificate in Life Science Enterprise Management may be a fit for you. This certificate is designed for individuals with a background in the field of sciences (chemistry, biology, biotechnology) who are looking to enhance their skills and prepare for employment within the Canadian life science sector.

Experience has shown that employers in this sector are looking for professionals who are ready and able to apply their skills effectively within a Canadian business environment. By enhancing your business communication skills and ensuring accurate application of good laboratory and manufacturing practice you will better understand how and where to apply your skills in this sector. This certificate will enhance your own confidence as well as employer confidence in your skills.

The certificate is comprised of the following three courses.

Effective Communication and Negotiation

In business, communication skills are essential not only to securing relevant employment, but also to growing your career. Acquiring well developed written and verbal skills allows you to express your ideas clearly and concisely, minimizing confusion in the workplace, and maximizing your employment opportunities. This course provides managers and aspiring managers with the knowledge they need to communicate, negotiate and interact more effectively with employees, clients, customers, superiors and peers.

Business Practices in Life Sciences

This course is focused on your employment success in the life science sector and includes an overview of business basics, with a focus on employment strategies, industry growth and innovation. It also includes an overview of economic indicators and key issues related to industry change and how these drive employment. You will gain insight into employment specific strategies for the life science sector and acquire the skills required to enhance your network within this field.

Good Laboratory Practice (GMP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GLP)

The pharmaceutical, food and medical device industries in Canada are governed by Health Canada and in the US by FDA (Food and Drug Administration. This course will cover the essentials of both GMP and GLP and how they relate to industry in Canada. Numerous employers within the life science sector are seeking individuals with these skills and this course will help you move forward in your search for relevant employment.

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