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April 2017

Medical: Tips for Visiting a Doctor

Make the most of your appointment Arrive on time. If you arrive late, it could reduce the amount of face time you get with your doctor, making you feel rushed and cutting down on the time you have to discuss your concerns. Write down any…

Importance of Speaking English

By Adrienne Robertson While most newcomers could probably list about a hundred things that scare or worry them about leaving home and moving to a new, unfamiliar place, all of these issues – finding a job, choosing a doctor, making friends…

Immigrating: Go West

by Dale Sproule In the 1850’s when the American west was first being settled, an Indiana newspaper ran a famous story called, “Go West, Young Man, and Grow Up with the Country.”

Editorial Issue

Dale Sproule, Editor It may seem odd to dedicate an issue of Canadian Newcomer Magazine to the theme of “Shopping”, when we have been so vocal for so long about the need for newcomers to live on careful and strict budgets when you first…