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September 2016

Immigrating: Arriving With a Plan

by Katrina Murray Katrina Murray is the Director of the Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP) at the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). She is responsible for managing an Ottawa-based team as well as Field Managers…

Arts: Cash in on Creative Funding

Sometimes, all we need is a little push, which can come in the form of a compliment, some advice, mentoring, or even some cash to free the mind and relieve the worries of daily living expenses, leaving us able to focus on our career.

How to survive the economic crisis

By Claudio Munoz This article is not about the causes of the crisis, it’s about dealing with it and moving forward. We – as always – want you to succeed in Canada, so instead of worrying, let’s get to work and come up with ways to deal with…

A Future in Life Sciences

If you are looking to gain employment in the Canadian life sciences sector, the Certificate in Life Science Enterprise Management may be a fit for you. This certificate is designed for individuals with a background in the field of sciences…