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July 2016

Leisure & Relaxation

by Sabine Ehgoetz Sabine Ehgoetz currently lives in Toronto where she works as a freelance journalist, foreign correspondent, translator and fashion model. In December 2006 she celebrated her second anniversary as a Canadian resident.

English Spoken Here

Jyoti Kulraj Dhindsa hails from Patiala, the wheat bowl of India’s Punjab. She is married to Kulraj Dhindsa a Canadian citizen. Jyoti arrived in Canada in 1998 as a young bride speaking only Punjabi. Hailing from an agrarian society she was…

Jobs: Consequences of Illegal Work

By Evgeniya Kulgina You heard about it from friends, neighbours, relatives. You know it exists, yet you don’t find advertisements about it in newspapers and magazines. You know it is against the law, yet you heard from your friends that…

Work: Why You Need to Go Back to School

By Claudio Munoz In 2006, newcomers were almost twice as likely to have a university degree as people born in Canada. Despite this apparent advantage, according to a Statistic Canada report titled Immigrants’ education and required job…